This site provides a comprehensive resource for Windows Script, OLE Automaton and COM objects that you can use to develop your own powerful scripting solutions. Windows Script is a collection of the following products/technologies:

  • Visual Basic® Scripting Edition (VBScript)
  • JScript®
  • Windows Script Runtime (including the File System Object and Dictionary)
  • Windows Script Host (WSH) 2.0
  • Windows Script Components
  • Windows Script Debugger
  • Windows Script Control
  • Remote Scripting

This site started out focusing on WSH but is slowly expanding to cover the other technologies. Please send any feedback to admin at windows-script dot com.

Windows scripting gives you the power to automate most routine network tasks. This comprehensive guide shows you how to harness today’s cutting-edge scripting techniques — and double, triple, even quadruple your productivity as an administrator. From Windows Scripting Host fundamentals to nuts-and-bolts advice on scripts for user account configuration, data retrieval, system analysis, and more, master scripter William R. Stanek shows you step-by-step how to become a Windows scripting pro with VBScript and JScript examples.

Latest news…
17 Nov 2000 Windows Script 5.6 Beta Released!
Microsoft JScript 5.6, VBScript 5.6 and Windows Script Host 5.6 beta is now available for download. This release of Windows Script includes improvements to the Windows Script Host object model, command line enhancements, extended support for spawned processes and improved argument handling.
Download it NOW!
Read all about it in the latest Scripting Clinic article.


13 Jul 2000 – Microsoft has just released IE v5.5 and Windows-Script v5.5. The Windows-Script download is a great way of upgrading the VBScript and JScript engines on your WEB server without having to install the full browser (much easier to get through change control). For VBScript users, regular expressions have been improved to match that of JScript.
Download it NOW!


6 May 2000 – I love scripting but I don’t love the I-Love-You VBScript Virus. No doubt you have now heard about the amount of damage this thing has caused. Here is a script to clean your system. Ontrack have released a program that can recover those all-important MP3 and JPG files for you. These viruses present a dilemma for us script fanatics. I have changed my default action to Edit for all scripting extensions so that I have to ‘right-click open’ the file to run it. If I double click a script it just opens the file in my default editor (Primal Script).


21 Apr 2000  – Want to meet some of the MS Windows Script team? Andrew Clinick and Peter Torr will be presenting at Tech-ED 2000 in Orlando Jun 5-8.
The session titles are:
Administering Windows 2000 with Windows Script

Windows Script for Developers
I’ll be there even though it will take 29 hours. Call me scripting crazy but I think it will be worth it!

15 Apr 2000 – Microsoft has released Windows Script 5.5 Beta 2. Click here to download.


4 May 2000 – SAPIEN Technologies, Inc. has released version 2 of Primal Script. This is the hotest script authoring tool available.Download the evaluation copy now.


16 Feb 2000 – Read the latest Scripting Clinic article. Andrew Clinic discusses Windows 2000 script features for WEB and management use.


24 Jan 2000 – While on holiday I knocked up this WEB view for folders that contain WSH files. You can preview a screen shot or just download and run this self extracting zip file which will copy the custom htt file and preview image into you web directory and add a registry entry so that it appears in the ‘Customise this folder’ wizard.
After installing, just right click in a script folder and select ‘Customise this folder’. If you have W2K you can select the custom view from a list, otherwise you will have to copy the code into the folder.htt file. Change the Explorer View menu to details (I couldn’t find how to do that programmatically). Because the MSXML, FileSystem and WSHShell COM objects are used you will get an ActiveX warning unless you have modified your browser security settings. The delete and backspace keys don’t work as expected when editing the command string. You have to highlight text and over type to make changes.


2 Dec 1999 – Microsoft has released Windows Script 5.5 Beta 1
Download scr55en.exe (474k). It updates JScript.dll and VBScript.dll that ship in the 5.1 engine which you must have already installed. There are a some improvements to regular expression support in VBScript and JScript has ECMAScript v3 support, with additional enhancements.


17 Nov 1999 –  Microsoft has released WSH v2!
Download ste51en.exe (739k). This includes updated scripting languages and FileSystem object. You will have to rename any .ws files to .wsf.
Download the much improved documentation while you are at it.


2 Dec 1999 – Look out for this WSH virus that spreads via MSOutlook, MIRC, PIRCH and mapped network directories. If you have RUNDLL.VBS in the \Windows\System directory then you are infected (and infecting others).


23 Nov 1999 This is a good MSDN article that introduces Microsoft� Windows� Management Instrumentation, part of Windows 2000 (but available for Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows NT� 4.0), which is designed to help you manage your enterprise systems, applications, and networks as they become larger and more complex


23 Oct 1999 – The November issue of MIND features “Adventures In Scripting”. There are 3 article online (not truncated as usual)…
Using Clases with VBScript 5.0
Administering Windows through WSH
User Interaction with WSH

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app.controller(‘DeatilCtrl’, function($scope, $http) {
$scope.totalServerItems = 0;
$scope.pagingOptions = {
pageSizes: [15, 20, 30],
pageSize: 15,
currentPage: 1

$scope.filterByPath ={
filterText : ‘/xyz/’
$scope.setPagingData = function(data, page, pageSize){
var pagedData = data.slice((page – 1) * pageSize, page * pageSize);
$scope.myData = pagedData;
$scope.totalServerItems = data.length;
if (!$scope.$$phase) {
$scope.getPagedDataAsync = function (pageSize, page, searchText,folderPath) {

setTimeout(function () {
var data;
var fPath = folderPath;
if(fPath == null){
fPath =’/’;
if (searchText) {
var ft = searchText.toLowerCase();
$http.get(‘rest/files’).success(function (largeLoad) {
data = largeLoad.filter(function(item) {
return JSON.stringify(item).toLowerCase().indexOf(ft) != -1;
} else {
$http.get(‘rest/files’).success(function (largeLoad) {
}, 100);

$scope.getPagedDataAsync($scope.pagingOptions.pageSize, $scope.pagingOptions.currentPage);

$scope.$watch(‘pagingOptions’, function (newVal, oldVal) {
if (newVal !== oldVal && newVal.currentPage !== oldVal.currentPage) {
$scope.getPagedDataAsync($scope.pagingOptions.pageSize, $scope.pagingOptions.currentPage, $scope.filterOptions.filterText);
}, true);
$scope.$watch(‘filterOptions’, function (newVal, oldVal) {
if (newVal !== oldVal) {
$scope.getPagedDataAsync($scope.pagingOptions.pageSize, $scope.pagingOptions.currentPage, $scope.filterOptions.filterText);
}, true);

var rowTempl = ‘


$scope.onDblClickRow = function(row){
var rowData = $scope.myData[row.rowIndex];
var folderpath= rowData.folderPath+rowData.fileName+”/”;


$scope.gridOptions = {
data: ‘myData’,

columnDefs: [
{ field: “fileName”, displayName: “File Name”},
{ field: “folderPath”, displayName: “Full Path”}
enablePaging: true,
showFooter: true,
totalServerItems: ‘totalServerItems’,
pagingOptions: $scope.pagingOptions,
filterOptions: $scope.filterByPath,
rowTemplate: rowTempl,

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